Let’s Get Trivial: Best Board Games and Wine Pairings


It’s time to gather your roommates, partners, and furbabies and bust out the board games. Just because we’re stuck inside doesn’t mean we can’t have an awesome night proving just how many 2-letter words we know (e.g. xi, you’re welcome Scrabble-heads).

Reach for your favourite mindful wine and let’s get competitive.


Scrabble and Chardonnay

Granted you could just play Words with Friends with your Aunt on the other side of the country, but you will feel the win more with the actual board in front of you. Trust us. Scrabble is one of those timeless classics that requires both concentration and creativity. Match with a classic Chardonnay. It’s also not too heavy and not too light so you’ll be able to enjoy a glass but still keep your wits about you to come up with the best word combinations.

Wine recommendation: Best of Both Worlds Organic Chardonnay

Trivial Pursuit and Shiraz

Whether you’re an arts and literature buff or fancy yourself a science mastermind, we know you’re trying to show off your smarts when you break out Trivial Pursuit. This game is a marathon not a sprint, so you’ll require a luscious complex wine to savour that no one will tire of, like a full-bodied Shiraz with an abundance of red fruits and structured tannins to support it. 

Wine recommendation: Paxton Pollinator Shiraz


Cluedo and Grenache

With a cast of suspiciously colourful characters, more rooms than you could ever hope to have, and a creative assortment of weapons, Cluedo should be what you reach for when you’ve exhausted Netflix’s true crime docs for the evening. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and outwit your co-investigators while taking a sip of a complex Grenache. Fruit forward with floral notes, but an underlying structure and firm tannins and spicy white pepper notes. This smoky red will keep you on your toes as you detect it was Ms Scarlett in the conservatory with the candlestick all along. Mr Black never stood a chance.

Wine recommendation: Mil Historias Organic Grenache


Monopoly and Sparkling

Build your empire while ignoring the auctioning rules and gleefully adding yet another hotel to your properties. What better way to toast to your real estate success than with a bottle of bubbly? Whether you prefer Prosecco, sparkling or go the whole hog with Champagne, it the perfect bright drop to celebrate your new status as a property tycoon.

Wine recommendation: Quartz Reef Methode Traditionnelle Brut NV


Chess and Cabernet Sauvignon

This is the big leagues. Time to outwit and outplay your competition with class and calculation. Chess is the ultimate game of strategy, requiring both patience and skill to checkmate your opponent. Such a contest of wits calls for a dark and deep complex Cabernet Sauvignon for the occasion. With lifted aromas of chocolate, cassis and dark berries, combined with signature minty herbaceous notes, an elegant Cab Sav is an ideal choice for savouring while outplaying your opponent at the classiest of boardgames. 

Wine recommendation: Mount Avoca Estate Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

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