Star Power: Matching Star Signs and Wines


Is your favourite wine written in the stars?

Just like how Sommeliers can provide you with the perfect wine for your palate, we are going to combine what we know about wine with what we think we know about star signs and make some predictions on which wines could be your favourite! Were we right?

Capricorn and Sauvignon Blanc

Arguably the most determined sign, Capricorns are supposedly ambitious, practical and secure in themselves. Meaning, they know what they like and are unapologetic about it. We reckon their top drop would be Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The varietal that put New Zealand on the world wine map. It has developed into such a signature style that even the most novice wine taster can pick out the bold passionfruit and grassy notes. 

Wine recommendation: Dog Point Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Aquarius and Fiano

Aquarians are thought to be open-minded, over thinkers, unpredictable and independent ‚Äď they tend to be visionaries and leaders, and like to do things their own way. So, we think their favourite wine would be an emerging varietal, something they thrive on trying new things after all! We reckon a delicious Fiano, a bright vibrant wine displaying intense citrus and floral characters with layers of flavour including orange blossoms. Yum!

Wine recommendation: Serafino Bellissimo Vegan Friendly Fiano 2018

Pisces and Merlot

Pisces are believed to be generous, compassionate and caring. For these empathetic individuals, we recommend a juicy red wine like a medium-bodied Merlot. Brimming with rich red fruits would certainly go down a treat. Not a bad pairing with a tuna steak either, to keep the fish theme going! But wait...would that mean they are eating their own sign?

Wine recommendation: Farm Hand Organic Merlot 2018

Aries and Nero d’Avola

Arieses (is that the right spelling?) are apparently full of spontaneity; they are known to be impulsive, direct and courageous, as well as daring and energetic. Like the Aquarians, we think they would love something a little outside the norm in Aussie wine. We’re pouring them a glass of Nero d’Avola with ripe forest berry fruit flavours, grippy tannins, and a touch of peppery spice. Delish!

Wine recommendation: Hither & Yon Vegan-Friendly Nero D'Avola 2017


Taurus and Aussie Shiraz

Tauruses are thought to be reliable, generous and practical, although they can also be self-indulgent, lazy and stubborn - just like their emblem the bull! Seeing as they are so down to earth - as they are an earth sign - we reckon the best drop for them would be a classic Barossa Shiraz. Big, bold and unrelenting in its red fruit flavours. Always a classic. 

Wine recommendation: Kalleske Zeitgeist Biodynamic Shiraz 2019

Gemini and Sparkling Wine

Geminis are believed to be quick-witted and expressive with two different personalities. One side of a Gemini is fun and sociable and the other side is suddenly serious and restless. With such an unpredictable personality, they could have a very unpredictable palate. So, for this tricky star sign, we are recommending bubbles, who doesn’t love a little fizz in their life?

Wine recommendation: Perelada Stars Organic Cava 2017

Cancer and Pinot Noir

Cancer is considered one of the more emotional signs, known for being very sensitive and sympathetic. Such a sensitive sign should be matched with an equally sensitive wine, like a complex, light-bodied and notoriously difficult to grow, Pinot Noir. With its bright cherry characters, it’s the perfect drop for such a sensitive sign.

Wine recommendation: Fromm La Strada Organic Pinot Noir 2016

Leo and Chardonnay

Leos live for the spotlight, or so their reputation says. They are supposedly action-orientated and love to be admired. Associated with the sun and sunflowers, we reckon this bold sign loves a glass of sunshine in a glass, aka Chardonnay! 

Wine recommendation: Best of Both Worlds Organic Chardonnay 2017

Virgo and Riesling

According to prevailing popular opinion, Virgos dislike being the centre of attention. They are also known to be analytical and deep thinkers. For this reason, we are pairing this sign with a Riesling with apple and citrus characters that can be often misunderstood. Cheers to you Virgos! 

Wine recommendations: Mount Horrocks Organic Riesling 2018

Libra and Red Blends

Libras are believed to be the kind sign, balancing everyone’s needs, full of love, loyalty and basically being a classic Hufflepuff. With such a kind and giving sign, we reckon they would love a red blend. A true show of a winemakers’ skill, who expertly combines grapes’ juices to make something that is better than its individual parts. A true team player wine for the team player star sign. 

Wine recommendation: Cullen Mangan Vineyard Biodynamic Red Moon Blend 2017


Scorpio and Cabernet Sauvignon

Scorpios are thought to be intense, strong-willed, driven, ambitious and dedicated. Such an intense sign deserves to be met with an equally intense and deep drop, like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep ruby in colour, herbaceous aromas and of course mocha and dark blackberry fruits on the palate, this is the perfect complex drop for them. 

Wine recommendation: Chapel Hill Vegan-Friendly Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Sagittarius and Rosé

Sagittarians are believed to be free spirits, full of optimism and courage - but also impatient and reckless. For this reason, we reckon the best drop for them is a chilled glass of Rosé. There are so many different styles and colours and flavours from Rosé, that they are bound to be delighted as they sip on everyone’s favourite pink drink.

Wine recommendation: Force of Nature Organic Rosé 2018
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