Your Mindful Gifting Guide


Tis the season to be….giftful!

The festive season is one of giving, but sometimes gifting means extra waste from wrapping paper and excessive plastic. We’ve put together this gifting guide full of zero-waste and eco-friendly ideas for a more mindful festive giving season.


For the Adventure-Seeker


Instead of gifting a product, gift an experience. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, abseiling, or anything else you can think of, get your friend’s adrenaline pumping with an incredible experience that won’t have you contributing to waste.


For the Beauty Guru


Makeup can often contain micro-plastics that can be harmful to the environment, but there are alternatives out there. We love the eco-friendly nail polish from Australian brand Kester Black and the 100% certified organic and vegan make-up INIKA Organic.

Image via Coffee Desk

For the Active friend


Ensure your active friends stays hydrated throughout their day with a reusable and refillable water bottle. Insulated bottles can also be used for warm beverages, ideal for winter!
We love this one from Sol that is made from tempered glass with a gorgeous earthy green colour. Bound to make a pop on your friend's desk or gym bag!



For the Shopaholic


We all know we should be ditching plastic bags. There are so many nice tote bag choices out there you’ll surely find the perfect match for your shopaholic friend that they could keep rolled up in their handbag for when they need it most.


For the Coffee Lover


Why not gift them a voucher to their favourite cafe so they can enjoy a few coffee mornings free of charge? Or you could add to their collection of reusable coffee cups! There are so many options from the tech-savvy Frank & Green to the classic KeepCup. Many are doing sales in the lead up to Christmas so be sure to check them out.  


For the Wine-lover


You can’t go wrong with our Festive Organic Box! It includes everything you could need for the perfect mindful celebration with friends and family over Christmas. This Vineful 6-bottle organic wine box has all your needs covered - celebrate in style with Prosecco, enjoy a chilled Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc with a friend or a good book, lounge by the pool with a glass of Rosé or enjoy one of the organic reds (take your pick from France or Australia!) with yummy organic food. 


For the Yogi


Why not gift them a membership to a yoga studio or a mindfulness or meditation class? Yoga mats are often made from PVC, which takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade! We love the compostable mats from LovEarth. Plus, when you buy a LovEarth Yoga Mat, you can donate the old mat and they will recycle or up-cycle it for animal rescue shelters and bedding solutions for the homeless, and more. 


For the Artist


Sign your friend up for a class at a local art studio or workshop. If they are a painter, let them flex their creative juices at a pottery class. If they are already a master at ceramics, maybe metalworking could be a new passion. We love companies like Makers Space, check out your local community pages to see if there are classes near you.




For the Gin Lover


Organic gin paired with organic sparkling and rosé wine – check out our CelebratGIN box. And for pink gin lovers, the Organic GINdulgence Box has you covered. Plus, if they love a G&T you could gift them reusable straws! We recommend avoiding the whimpering paper ones and opting for reusable stainless steel or biodegradable and reusable bamboo. 



For the Foodie


You could bake something for your bestie, or even put today a cookie mix in a jar for whenever they are feeling peckish -- plus they can reuse the jar after. If your friend is more of a savoury foodie, you could pickle them some veggies. If you think they might be interested in learning how to pickle themselves, you could sign them up for a class like these from Cornersmith


Homemade Gifts


Whether you want to save the planet or save your bank balance, why not exercise your creative skills and invest your time in making something beautiful for your friends? Whether that’s a beautiful floral arrangement, baked goods, or natural decorations (see our how-to here), your friend will appreciate the time and effort that went into your thoughtful gift. 


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