Light It Up: Repurposing Wine Bottles


Tis the season to be...repurposing!

One of the side effects of being wine-lovers is empty wine bottles. But we love a great crafting idea and, so here’s how to repurpose and reuse wine bottles. So you can show your love of mindful wine and crafty design.

To remove a wine label from an empty (and cleaned) wine bottle, simply pour hot water (about 70°C) into the bottle using a funnel. Leave the bottle for about 5-10 minutes and then peel off the label. The heat from the water melts the glue for easy label-removal. Let the water cool completely and then use it to water your plants.


Once the bottle is dry, you now have a blank canvas to create something unique. You could paint the bottles to make gorgeous vases you can place throughout your home or that you could gift to friends or family. You could also reuse the bottles as storage for other beverages, seeds, and more. However, seeing as it is the festive season we decided to create some fun lights to decorate with!

All we needed to get were fairy lights and that was it! Now we have a lovely decoration that brings some soft light to our homes this season!

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