Sussing Out Sustainability in Aussie Wine


At Vineful, we are passionate about the environment and our impact on it. That is why we have engineered our wine boxes to be 100% recyclable and for every single box of wine we sell, a tree is planted.

We also raise our glasses to the innovative winemakers and wine brands who are thinking creatively around the topic of sustainability. Here are some efforts winemakers have introduced in their wineries and vineyards.


Cullen Wines: Carbon Negative

Okay, we know we tout this team a lot, but they are super impressive. Their managing director, and chief winemaker, Vanya Cullen was named James Halliday’s Winemaker of the Year 2020. The winery has recently reached Carbon Negative Status, meaning they store more carbon than is emitted. How did they manage that? Through sustainable soil management and composting in line with their biodynamic principles, solar-power across the winery and 31ha vineyard and, like us, planting trees with Carbon Neutral. 

Discover their wines here.

Ross Hills Wines: NCOS certified

This winery in Orange, NSW is the only Australian wine company to be registered with the Australian Federal Government as a National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) certified carbon neutral winery. They employ a range of sustainable practices, including solar panels, using sheep grazing to reduce tractor hours, waste recycling, low input viticulture and traditional winemaking techniques, applying indigenous yeast cultures to encourage biodiversity and re-using waste from skins and seeds after grapes are pressed. Read more here.

 Cullen Winery


Cape Mentelle: Education & Follow-Through

The team at WA winery Cape Mentelle are so passionate about sustainability that it permeates every decision on the vineyard. From hand weeding to sheep grazing to manage grass and weeds; a cropping program to promote soil health, water efficiency through irrigation and water recycling, compost made with grape marc, solar panels and much more.

Cape Mentelle also brings their practices into the classroom with their ‚ÄúOur Patch‚ÄĚ educational program for primary school students. This program demonstrates how landholders, from cattle farmers to vineyard owners, manage the environment and protect its future. Read more here.


Paxton Wines: Back to The Future

This winery based in the McLaren Vale is committed what they call the ‚ÄúBack to the Future‚ÄĚ method. They combine tried and tested hands-on management with new modern technology. They strive to minimise inputs, additives, and sulphur dioxide is kept to an absolute minimum. They are particular about their oak for wine maturation, reducing tasting levels, limiting oak footprint and looking to the grapes they grow for a unique flavour profile.

Discover their wines here.

Dorrien Estate Winery & Vinpac: Sustainable Circular Economy

This winery and contract packaging and distribution company have made enormous strides in the area of sustainability. Not only with the focus to be as environmentally-friendly as they can be, but also thinking ahead to waste from their locations in the Barossa and McLaren Vale. From smaller changes like switching lights to more efficient LED to powering winemaking, bottling and cellar management with solar power, both companies have the bottom line on their minds. They are responsibly disposing of 99% of waste rather than just sending it to landfill. And because they are so good at segregating waste, they even access rebates for glass, cardboard and plastic.

Read more about their efforts here.

Paxton Winery


Sustainable Winegrowing Australia & Vin√ė: Industry Program

The Australian wine industry has Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, a program designed to support growers and winemakers improve the sustainability of their businesses looking at every aspect of viticulture. The program covers soil health, pest and disease management, biodiversity control, water management, waste management, social relations and economic sustainability. Check them out here.

Tassie has its own industry program Vin√ė or VinZero. An environmental management framework for growers to access best practice tools. Check them out here.


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