Think Outside The Box: 6 Waste Items To Reuse


We like to reduce waste as much as possible in every aspect of our lives. Repurposing waste for another use is an excellent way to not only reduce your impact on the environment but a great way to save some money too!

At Vineful, we are passionate about reducing our own impact on the environment. That’s why our boxes are 100% recyclable and for every single box of wine we sell, a tree is planted.

Here are some other ways you can reduce your waste. 


Coffee Grounds

Australia is famous worldwide for its incredible wines and its stellar coffee scene. The unfortunate side effect of our love of coffee is used grounds.

Fortunately, they can be used in many other ways. Firstly, of course for your compost heap, where they will also help reduce the stink! They are also great odour removers in your home, use them as air fresheners or keep a tub in your fridge to keep it smelling fresh! Coffee grounds can also be used to remove the stink from smelly hands after prepping garlic with a little scrub and rinse with water. Used coffee grounds can also be used as a natural wood stain.

Best of all, coffee grounds make a great natural scrub when mixed with coconut oil and raw sugar. 



Veggie Scraps and Bones

Don’t chuck out all your veggie scraps when prepping your food. Send half to the compost pile/food scrap bin and the other half to your freezer to make your own veggie stock. Same for meat-eaters. Save the fish, chicken, and other bones from your dinners and make your own stock or broth. Plus, you can always freeze your stock so that you always have some on hand when you need it! (you can also do this with extra wine! Wine cubes anyone?)

Old T-Shirts

Do you know that people buy bags of rags from hardware stores for wiping down bikes, painted walls, stained or varnished furniture and more? You know those ratty old t-shirts you have hidden at the back of your wardrobe that you know you will never wear again and are not in good enough nick to donate or swap, can be used in the same way? Cut up an old cotton/cotton blend t-shirt and use for your cleaning needs. Want to cut down on the number of cotton pads or wipes you use for removing makeup? Make your own reusable pads from old t-shirts, fleeces, even towels that you can use again and again!

Used Jars

Why spend upwards of $10 for a mason jar set, when you literally can buy a jar of jam or peanut butter and reuse that glass jar again and again? Glass in jars is tempered meaning they are microwave safe (just not the metal lids). Ideal for storing overnight oats, leftovers from dinner, portioned soup for lunch, sauces, and so much more. You can even make your own jam or peanut butter at home (it’s nuts how simple it is to make) and place in that jar. Just be sure to sterilise and heat seal for optimum freshness!



Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are always a difficult item to recycle. But thankfully, they can be reused again and again. As simple water bottles - perfect for a chilled drop. Ideal for simple candle holders, vases, decorations and so much more. Check out our ideas for repurposing wine bottles here.

Cardboard Box

Like we mentioned before, our boxes are recyclable, but why not be a little more creative? Check out our earlier post where we share ideas on what to do with an empty box, like make a pet bed, or a planter, or even under bed storage! Check it out here.

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