Upcycling Your Wine Box


At Vineful we always try to reduce waste as much as possible. We believe it’s possible to enjoy seriously good wine that fits our lifestyle needs while also minimising our footprint on this precious planet.  

Our boxes have been engineered to eliminate plastic, they are made of cardboard - including the handle - that can be recycled easily. But, we love a good craft so we thought we'd get creative! They can be used for much more than transporting your mindful wines. Here are four great ways to upcycle your used wine box.


Make a Pet Bed

We all know that cats love to scratch at cardboard boxes, why not let them? Our three-bottle box has a wide enough base that you can easily add an old pillow to for your furry friend to lounge in, while the lid can be placed against the wall for when they want to stretch out and scratch in the morning! You know they are going to love it.


Make Stylish Storage Boxes

 Update your interior decorating on a budget! Add a little rustic charm to your apartment or home with a storage box made of hessian by stapling a hessian or burlap sock to the box. Or perhaps go a step further and cover with twine or rope around the base and cover the interior with an old white pillowcase for basket style box like this. Looking for a way to reuse an old sweater? A storage box like this one is a great way to reuse old materials and give your apartment a little lift. 

cat in box
vineful box

Make a planter

 Urban gardening is so in right now. Did you know cardboard boxes make for great planters? Well, only hardy strong cardboard boxes like our wine boxes - cereal boxes wouldn’t cut it. A thick, sturdy cardboard box can hold up for an entire growing season, allowing you to save money on plastic and ceramic planters. Simply apply duct tape to any leaks or openings at the bottom At the end of the growing season, the cardboard can be composted either in your own composter or in your apartment building’s communal composter if you have one. We reckon our six-bottle box would be perfect for this!


Use for Underbed Storage

You can easily pick up cheap plastic storage containers that fit easily under your bed, but really needs all that extra plastic when you already have an empty cardboard box courtesy of your latest wine order? The Vineful three-bottle box can also fit under most beds and can be used to store your winter scarves or summer shorts and thongs until you need them. Out of sight!


 Looking for more crafting ideas? Check out our homemade decorations DIY craft and how to upcycle a wine bottle.

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