Donut Worry, Be Happy: Best Donut and Wine Pairings


Donut judge us, we love puns and we love fried dough, donut you know? From fried, to baked, to glazed to frosted, there are as many varieties of donuts out there as wine varieties!

Without further ado, here are our top a-glaze-ing donut and wine pairings.

Classic Cinnamon Sugar and Chardonnay

The classic donut, modest in appearance but powerful in flavour. It hits the spot when you want a sugary treat and works just as well with a long black as it does with a glass of wine. So versatile and so delicious. This old-school donut deserves an old-school pairing: Chardonnay. Whatever style you prefer your Chardy, it will be a nice match for the sugary cinnamony goodness of this classic donut. A lightly oaked or even oaked has similar qualities to a cinnamon donut but its stone fruit notes will elevate the donut to the next level.
Wine Recommendation: Best of Both Worlds Organic Chardonnay 2017

Chocolate Baked and Shiraz

Ah chocolate and wine, the ultimate pairing for wine-loving sweet tooths. The perfect pairing for a moreish baked chocolate donut is a wine with the structure and powerful red fruit flavour as well as deep mocha notes. A wine that fits this bill is a delicious Shiraz. Its spicy berry notes complement the deep and dark flavour of a baked choc donut for a match made in chocolatey donut heaven.
Wine Recommendation: Mil Historias Organic Syrah 2017

Glazed and Sparkling

Another classic, this is the donut of choice the world over. Because it is so sweet - being literally fried dough dipped in sugar - it needs a wine that won’t overpower the donut’s flavour without contributing to its overall sweetness. A sparkling brut can contain some residual sugar, but the bubbles brighten the palate for a light flavour profile that will pair excellently with a classic glazed donut.
Wine Recommendation: Quartz Reef Methode Traditionnelle Brut NV

Chocolate Frosted and Merlot

Like the baked chocolate donut, this sweeter version requires a red wine to match the mocha notes. However, this donut needs a wine a little light in body and a touch juicier. What could be better than a medium-bodied Merlot. Bursting with red berry flavours but not as punchy as a Shiraz so it won’t overpower the donut.
Wine recommendation: Farm Hand Organic Merlot 2018

Vanilla Frosted and Riesling

The sprinkles! The sweet frosting! This is a sugar overload in one sitting. This delightful donut needs a wine that can cut through all that creamy sweetness without stripping away the flavour. A dry Riesling is the way to go. Offering plenty of natural acidity, mineral notes but citrus and apple notes to create an even better flavour profile.
Wine Recommendation: Mount Horrocks Organic Riesling 2018

Jam Donut and Rosé

Love a bit of jam in your fried doughy treat? The ‚ÄúJelly‚ÄĚ donut is one of the best iterations of the donut. Bursting with sweet jammy goodness - often of the strawberry or raspberry persuasion - it makes an excellent pairing with a light-bodied and fruit-forward Ros√© with typical strawberry notes. Also a great pairing with strawberry glazed donuts!
Wine Recommendation: See No Evil Organic Rosé 2019

Cruller and Pinot Gris

This deep-fried pastry is donut-adjacent but it’s becoming more common in Australia with many donut places their own take on the sweet braided masterpiece. With typical honey notes, the cruller is calling out for a wine a touch of acidity and citrus notes to cut through its own sweetness. Pinot Gris makes a great pairing and offers its own pear notes to elevate the match even more.
Wine Recommendation: Pure Vision Organic Pinot Gris 2019

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