Ultimate Mindful Wine and Chocolate Pairings


As you all know, we are passionate about mindful wines, but what better way to discover a new delicious wine, than with an ultimate food pairing?

Chocolate has long been the perfect partner to a drop of red, but there are so many different types of chocolate and even more varietals of wine. How can you know if you’re enjoying the ultimate combination? Here are our favourite wine and chocolate combos, try a few to see if you agree with ou suggestions and if you don’t, at least you had a delicious evening with wine and chocolate! 


Dark Chocolate and Shiraz

Starting off dark and deep with luscious dark chocolate paired with an equally luscious red wine: classic Aussie Shiraz. Dark chocolate’s bitter notes can be balanced out with a rich full-bodied red wine. A Shiraz will also bring out the subtle fruit notes in the chocolate, while the chocolate will emphasise the mocha characters of a classic bold Shiraz. 

Recommended wine: Amazing Alchemist Organic Shiraz - Organic and vegan friendly, this lovely Shiraz has flavours of dark, fleshy stone fruits, brown spices and hints of chocolate, an amazing combo with dark chocolate. 

Milk Chocolate and Red Blend

Milk chocolate is the perfect creamy blend of dairy and cocoa beans, it needs a wine that won’t strip away its creaminess while also providing a little complexity. You cannot go wrong with a juicy red blend with ripe red fruits, medium body that will brighten the creaminess of the chocolate without overpowering it.

Recommended wine: Hither & Yon Vegan Friendly Grenache Mataro - With this wine Hither & Yon went for fragrance and juicy fruit with flavours of raspberry, chocolate, wild herbs with a sweet trickle of fruit on the back palate. 


White Chocolate and Pinot Noir

White chocolate calls for white wine, right? Nope! The rich cocoa butteriness of white chocolate pairs incredibly well with the cherry notes and delicate lighter-bodied Pinot Noir wines. For a juicy moreish couple made in confectionary heaven.

Recommended wine: Fromm La Strada Organic Pinot Noir - A bright and pure Pinot Noir from the famed Marlborough region. With ripe fruit density and savoury undertones, this wine has a structural complexity that will further develop with time - yet is very drinkable now!

Hazelnut Chocolate and Rosé

Whether dark choc, milk choc, or somewhere in between, we all love a nice bit of nuttiness in our chocolate. Whether it’s homemade Nutella (or notella!) or a bar of your favourite mindful hazelnut chocolate or even a Snickers, a dry Rosé is a great combo. It makes the perfect balance of savouriness and natural sweetness - like roasted hazelnuts and chocolate! 

Recommended wine: Best of Both Worlds Rosé - Organic and vegan friendly with balanced from beginning to end with savoury dry characters overlaid with alluring sweet fruit flavours.

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Mint Chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon

The ultimate match for mint chocolate is a Cabernet Sauvignon, as it will really highlight the typical menthol and herbaceous character of the wine. The creaminess of the chocolate will complement the ripe rich dark berry flavours of a Cab Sav for a bright and luscious combination. 

Recommended wine: Mount Avoca Estate Organic Cabernet Sauvignon - Organic and vegan friendly with lifted aromas of cassis, herbs and fresh roast coffee beans. A rich palate of blackcurrant and plum with a touch of sweet toast menthol and molasses. 


Salted Caramel Chocolate and Prosecco

A match made in indulgence heaven. The saltiness of the chocolate dampens the sweetness of the Prosecco without covering any fruit, while the wine beautifully brings out the creaminess of caramel for a bright, sparkling, combination.

Recommended wine: Mont’Albano Organic Prosecco NV - A lifted, bright fruit-driven sparkling wine of green pear, apple, white blossoms and lemon citrus. Superfine and elegant beads carry loads of both freshness and flavour. 

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